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 Soapstone is a natural quarried stone. Most Soapstone will come in Medium to Dark Grays, Greens, & Blacks. Soapstone can have fissures, pits, natural inclusions, & texture discrepancies. It does tend to scratch a bit easier then most dark dense materials, good news is, it is one of the easiest stones to have bluffed out. Or you can apply mineral oil to enhance the depth of the stone and hide little imperfections. If mineral oil/enhancer is applied, it should be applied before the sealer. We seal all natural stone countertops after installation. You will need to reapply this sealer once every 1-5 years depending on the Soapstone selected.

 The average Soapstone can with stand 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it can with stand such high amounts of heat, it can be used in many applications. Soapstone can be installed in both indoor and outdoor countertops, fireplace surround/hearth and slab backsplash. 

 Soapstone only comes in one finish, Honed/Matte. It does not come in polished due to the fact it would etch to quickly and would require constant up keep. 

 Below are some of our more popular designs, if you do not see the one you love, don't worry, we have hundreds more at our wholesalers. Reach out to your sales rep to schedule a visit. 


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