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 Quartzite is a Natural stone, one of the densest stones on the market. Since it is dense, it is less likely to stain, scratch or etch. This can be a huge plus, given the fact that Quartzites come in a large variety of light colors, lighter colors tend to be more porous then darker. Most Quartzite will still be prone to fissures, natural inclusions, light pitting, fillers and texture discrepancies. Since Quartzite is natural, we will seal it after installation, you will need to reapply sealer once every 5-15 years depending on the stone. Ask your Sales rep for a care and maintenance guide. On average Quartzite can with stand 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it can with stand such high amounts of heat it can be installed in a wide variety of applications. Such as, Fireplace surrounds/hearth, Indoor and Outdoor Countertops, Shower Walls, and backsplash.
Quartzite comes in 2cm and 3cm thickness, we recommend 3cm for countertop applications. 
Quartzite comes in a wide variety of different finishes, the most common being Polished and Honed/Matte. In addition, you will find, Brushed, Satin, and Leathered on select colors. If you do not find the finish you like on the slab you love, reach out to your sales rep to get an estimate on applying your desired finish. Below you will find some of our most popular designs, if you do not see a pattern that strikes your fancy, don't worry, we have hundreds of other options at our wholesalers. Give us a call to schedule an appointment Monday through Friday. 


Light Toned Quartzite

Medium Toned Quartzite

Dark Toned Quartzite

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